Rules and Regulations

For the benefit and enjoyment of all unit owners, the following rules and regulations are enforced.

Owners of units are ultimately responsible to inform renters and to enforce rules and regulations for their slips.

SECURITY:   Naples Police and Emergency Services

239-213-4844 or 239-213-3000

1.  Dial 911 in the event of any emergency & note 801 River Pointe Drive is the location of the marina.

2.  Report any suspicious person or activity immediately to Naples City Police.

3.  Any theft/damage to cars or boats should be reported directly to Naples Police and to your own insurance carrier.


1.  Twenty (20) spaces have been allocated for marina parking.

2.  Please inform guests, visitors and tenants of parking restrictions.

3.  NO overnight parking of boats, trailers, campers, etc.

4.  NO Vehicle repairs or trailer repairs are permitted on premises.

5.  Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking on property except during service repairs of boats. Identify slip number of service.


1.  The only legal way to enter the marina is by ramps or on a boat.

2.  Pets must be leashed and poop must be scooped!

3.  Music and all other sounds must be kept to minimum level at all times to respect all units, especially from dusk to dawn.

4.  All electrical cords must meet GFI requirements and be in good working order. Keep all cords out of the water.

5.  Cleaning fish allowed at designated fish cleaning tables only.  Dispose of fish parts in water, NOT in garbage cans.

6. Any boat docked at RPM must have Protection and Indemnity Liability Insurance coverage with a $300,000.00 minimum limit

7. Only a lesiure or recreational moterboat, sailboat, or watercraft which is self propelled and in “seawothy” (see definition below) condition shall be permitted to occupy any slip.

8. One boat per slip, no boat rafting allowed (dinghies allowed with boats).

9. No open fires on boats or on dock areas.

10. NO Refueling at docks.

11. Marina approved dock boxes are provided for owner use.  NO coolers, fuel storage tanks, steps, boat cleaning supplies, etc. left on dock or finger piers.

12.  ALL CORROSIVE materials, paint cans, batteries are to be removed from premises by owner and not in garbage cans.

13. ALL boat lines, hoses electrical cords, etc. shall be neatly coiled on racks provided.

14. Secure boats so as to NOT protrude over common area walkways or docks.  Dangling anchors (not secured) over bow of boats are dangerous obstacles for all boaters.  Do not overhang the center channels that are marked with reflectors on main dock.

15. AC and or Bilge discharge from boats shall be kept from spilling onto docks and finger piers.


1.  24′ slips, #43-63     No more than 28′ Length-at-water-line (LWL)

2.  28′ slips, #1-36       No more than 34′ LWL

3.  48′ slips, #37-42     No more than 44′ LWL

4. Sailboats                  No more than 4′ Keel Depth

“Seaworthy” shall mean that a vessel is in working order and can be mechanically propelled under its own power except during periods of short duration when the vessel is actively undergoing repairs.

Approved by Board of Directors

January 4, 2021